Four Generations of Browning Gun Designers

John M. Browning Firearms Museum video tour with Bruce W. Browning, grandson of John M. Browning and Gary Maurer, gun enthusiast. Bruce shares family stories and special insight about the museum collection with many of John's familiar designs in sporting and military firearms. Press "View Media" for a preview.

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John M. Browning

John’s inventions dominated the field of firearms during his time and are the basis for many weapons still in use today. His designs were manufactured by Winchester, Colt, Remington, Stevens, and Fabrique National (FN) of Belgium and the Browning Company.

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The Browning Legacy


Four generations of Browning inventors are represented at the Museum with original models and production examples from Jonathan, John's father, Val, John's son, and Bruce, his grandson.

John M. Browning was granted over 128 patents, his designs include the “Model 1911” Colt 45 pistol, the “BAR” Browning Automatic Rifle, the “Model 94” Winchester lever action rifle and many other famous machine guns, cannons, shotguns, rifles and pistols.

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Citation In short, it is terrific. It is a great tour of the museum, the history of what is there and, especially a tremendous credit to (Bruce) and the great men before him. It is so much more than can be printed on a display placard and with the knowledge and emotion of an ancestor added in
Rich Bauter, former head of marketing at Browning Co.
Citation Very informative, nice touch having (Bruce) do the narrative on it. It is really a well done video.
Kevin Cherry, owner of Cherry's Fine Guns
Citation This DVD is a must have for the gun enthusiast. I’ve been through the John M Browning Firearms Museum many times but with Bruce as my guide I learned a great deal that enriched my understanding of Browning and made me appreciate all those guns so much more.
Diana Azevedo, Museum Shop Manager

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